Yes, I am insane,

For all this pain.

Over just a child,

Who was only playing games.

Yet my heart, it is broke.

Still every word, I do choke.

By God, I’m getting better.

The next chapter has a header.

Two weeks I’ve seeked company,

But just now I needed solitary.

But you wouldn’t leave me alone.


2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Sometimes we need to be alone to regain our focus. Block out the ones who don’t lift you up and the ones who do, keep them close, those are your friends! 💛


    1. The problem is when it’s your family that caused it and wouldn’t leave you alone. I went from “I need to be alone for 30 minutes then I’m going to church” to them refusing to leave me alone, which lead to me having to be completely alone – turning my phone off and spending 14 hours alone at the park.


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