My poor mother had to raise three sons on her own and she did a pretty kick-grass job at it! As a soccer mom, she’s been to countless soccer, basketball and football games. She taught us how to treat women, how to be men and how to move through this thing called life.

A little about the three of us… Big brother, me. You already know a little about me from these posts, if this is your first – feel free to go check out the first two. Then there is middle brother, Marqueese. He is 22 and kicking it in San Diego where he serves and protects us all in the US Navy. Little brother, Clark Morris Walker III – aka Tres. Though, not much of an “also known as”, because most people only know him as that. He is, as of today, 16. He’s a sophomore in high school and plays soccer, football, basketball and tennis.

So, here’s to you kid! I hope you have an amazing birthday! Welcome to pseudo adulthood! Take life by the wheel and enjoy the road, you can go wherever you want if you set your mind to it and work for it. This world is yours for the taking. I love you.


Resolutions update:

Since the last update I’ve finished Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I don’t know why it was so hard to read this time. I read it in high school and liked it a lot. But I found out that there are two books after it so I wanted to reread it so I would go into them fresh. It’s a very good book and I can’t wait until it’s a film some day (I’d love to have a hand in that for sure!)! It was 337 pages which brings my page count to 518 for the year.

Still haven’t hung out with anyone my age. My life is literary just surrounded by high school aged kids and kids under 10.

Guitar playing is so hard! I thought 5 hours a week would be fine, but making myself sit down and play to get time in is so hard! I pretty much only play when I’m trying to write.

Still no ice cream. I believe it was the first time in my existence going a full month without any. Still keeping track of calories. I’ve only had Mike And Ikes once (they are the best!), and soda three times. So candy count is down a lot, soda is about the same as normal though.

Going to the gym is so easy. In college I had other things to do, so I wouldn’t go with my friends. But now with a lack of a social life, it’s easy to go a few times a week for hours at a time, even with going by myself. I guess paying for a membership can keep you get motivated too. And being able to go anytime of the day or night helps as well. I suck at arms though. I pretty much always do legs, cardio, and recently got into abs. I’m need someone to work out with to get me into arms. I just don’t care enough about them. If anyone has any fun workouts, I’d love to hear them!

Due to locking myself to central Kentucky for my sister’s senior year of basketball, my career goals are still naught. I’m a little into my first script, but should be much farther. Especially since I’m not working 12+ hours a day on sets. Career goals are the one goal I am worried that I won’t complete them all.

No changes to any finical goals since the last post.

So we’re one month through this year already (how?!)… And I’m behind. But I’m not worried about it though. January is always a slow month for me. Everything is new and fresh with the new year. But I have fayth that I’ll get this all under control this month and continue on through the year.

Until next time! Take care and continue to grow!


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