Welcome to 2017 and my first attempt at a blog. My name is Ikia. I’m 24 and for the first time in my life I will be making New Year resolutions. But I don’t want to do the same boring things as everyone else – “get in shape”, “save money”, “spend time better”, bla bla bla… I want real, measurable goals. Some will be easy for me to do, others – I will need your help. I am probably way over my head, but whatever! Let’s do it!

Here’s my list for 2017

Personal Goals:

Read 55 books

Hang out with squad from college

Hang out with 5 friends from college

Hang out with 5 friends from high school

Date a girl for at least a month

Post at least one Instagram picture each week

Blog twice a month

Play guitar for 5 hours a week

Write 12 songs

Write a novel

Shut down my laptop every night

Health Goals:

Not eat any ice cream, other than on my birthday

Consume less soda and candy

Keep track of calories and activities

Work out for 5 hours a week

Run a 5k in under 21 minutes, 30 seconds

Become able to dunk

Become able to do a standing backflip

Throw 1 under par total on an 18-hole disc golf course

Career Goals:

PC (or higher) a reality show

2nd AD (or higher) 5 features

PA (or higher) 3 big name gigs

Do 25 photo shoots

Produce/Direct a short film

Direct 5 music videos

Write 4 feature length scripts

Financial Goals:

Pay off 1/5 of college loans

Have $1,000 in a savings account at the end of the year

Increase credit score by 200 points


4 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. You can do any and everything you put your mind to! Ikia I am so proud of you …. but the ice cream part really?? 😂 You can’t do that you have way to many little cousins that will have parties! Avery’s is next month 🍨🍦


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